Nov 22 2022 - Zazen

Why practice? Do you come to meditation to improve your life?

Zazen is not for improving one’s life. A highly polished turd is still just a turd. “Just realize the turd is empty of itself.” More empty words, why are you so hard on turds?

Practice feels impossible because it is impossible. This universe is impossible but here we are. So we face this impossibility over and over again, that is practice. After awhile maybe we come to the place of giving up hope that fundamentally life will ever really get any better. At last, we can start living.

Zazen is wonderfully good for nothing.

- Kodo Sawaki

Finally. Each breath, each thought, each feeling, each and every being in the infinite realm of my experience is free to live and die exactly the way it is.

Why practice? Life is already in perfect harmony. I practice giving up so that I can become it.