Dec 26 2022 - Fire & Stone

The fire boy comes seeking fire
the heart of this seeking right now
the seeker and the sought
every single thing
rising and falling like waves
I collapse.

Far beyond resting and seeking
far beyond any choice
every single thing
is a perfect reflection of me.

This meditation never started
so how could it end?

Great is this matter of life and death
choose the backwards step, choose the choiceless seeing
burst into flames with the seeking
this burning lack of self
is the self itself
this pure vitality, this bare attention
piercing me to my core
together with all things
bowing to Buddha.


It’s not that I can’t tell you
it can only be said with no tongue
you can only hear with no ears

My spine can break from the bending
of piling stones in mounds like monuments to heaven
it echoes through the ages