Dec 31 2022 - Finding

Finding out for yourself

Find out for yourself, what is it that experiences the world? Is this any different from the world? Science tells me there is an objective separately existing world, but what does this have to do with my experience of it? The sum total of my entire life experience is nothing but what I alone have perceived. In truth my life experience is completely isolated, separate and alone.

Because I am completely separate, all of life as I know it manifests in my awareness alone. Therefore I am not separate from all things because the experience of every single thing is created right here in me. But what created this incredible awareness that somehow is me while simultaneously creating all things? It is mysterious because it seems to have no origin. It is unfathomable because it is creating all things through me but also through you. The vast, endless universe is right here inside of me, and yet somehow this same universe is being created by you too.

When this is so how could I find anything but love in my heart for you and every single thing? Finding deep rest here what could I possibly do to improve my experience or yours? Endlessly expressing this boundless love in every action for every single thing seems to be the work of Buddhas, and lights up the entire world.

Back to Basics

Being endless, what a tall order this Buddha work is, can I really do it?

Fundamentally our bodies know exactly what to do in any situation. When thoughts are quiet this wisdom naturally appears in the mind. People sometimes call this wisdom mind, inner vision, or effortless action. That’s why it’s so important to develop the capacity to just rest in silence, in our body and mind exactly the way it is.

This wisdom is totally sensible. It’s just the answer to this question; given the current conditions of my life what is the next best action to take right now? The answer is probably obvious, make your bed, wash the dishes in the sink, clean your room. Our bodies already know, so just listen. This is building the foundation of real self-care through silence and action. As these good habits grow stronger maybe we can answer bigger questions.

Given this situation in front of me, what is a perfect response? If we’re careful it will arise without any thought at all. If we’re not careful we’ll just make more problems. Given the state of my community, what needs to be done? Given the state of the world, what is my role in creating it? The answer to this final question is what we call Vision, and is fundamentally the same as the first; given the current conditions of my life, what is the next best action to take?