Jan 8 2023 - Roots

Emptiness Power, Faith

Emptiness power is a wonderful single pointed energy arising from nothingness itself, it is therefore both inexhaustible and unstoppable. Its use removes all pains, there is no knot it cannot unravel, nothing it cannot create. When grasped for oneself it vanishes immediately. When sought for oneself it remains just out of reach. If you want this power to flow through your individual life then you must align your living with the way of the ancient sages and the morality of the earth itself. In today’s fallen age there is no task more impossible than this, no attainment more improbable; to live a simple life in harmony with one’s surroundings. However, when the benefit of all beings is the aim this power rises to meet the real need of the seeker carrying them to victory.

The reason for this is simple, Oneness is reality, separation is illusion. A dream cannot wield what is true without itself dissolving. Given the opportunity Oneness will heal Oneness completely. Seek to understand the futility and insanity of illusion until it penetrates your bone marrow. Yearn to feel the radiance of the One so that you and all things return to balance. In the case of this individual body, this totally separate mind, just resolve to live in harmony with the precepts of Buddhahood, to walk lightly upon the earth, no matter the cost, and the Universe itself will sing, the grasses, pebbles and tree roots will rise to form the path as you walk. An inexhaustible power will carry you from the inside out and light your way, for the benefit of all beings.