March 25 2023 - A letter to myself

I want to give you what you want. What you really want deep down in our bones. This time I won’t let you go, I won’t let you drown. I’ve heard you weeping, and I’m crying with you now; you’re not alone anymore. Together we can make it all the way across. Each drop of salt water from this body is the brackish river that will carry us to the ocean you’ve been dreaming of.

It may feel slow, but it has to be. Its faster this way. The river has us now, and feeling Her current is what’s important. Your dreams are Her dreams too. So give your old cares to me, I’ll pass them to this force of Nature and let them float downstream. All that’s needed is to wake up and with your body say, “What does this river feel like right now?” No matter how long it takes, we’ll float together to that great open field we’ve seen in our dreams.