Mar 29, 2023 - Birthday

Today is my birthday.
Thirty nine years are in the mirror looking back at me.
My God, can I start over?

This time I won’t build a stone walled cathedral
to pray for safety that never comes
or parade around in a chicken suit
explaining I’m a bird.

You just couldn’t keep your hands open.

But you did once
stand through the night
with feet on the earth,
and looking up at the sky
breathe in the air between the stars
and breathe out “hello”.

Somewhere “hello” got lost
in a sea of bad haircuts
and you decided this world wasn’t worth the trouble.

I was wrong, you are the world.
I can’t burn this trash pile now
so I’ve smashed the mirror instead
along with all the gods and demons
guarding the door.

It’s safe to come out now
and show your boxy head
the birds are still singing.