March 30, 2023 - Great Energy

What would it feel like to move with boundless energy?

When desire grasps with closed fists there is no quantity that will satisfy. A fist is seeking a fist, but being a fist already must go on swinging to create what its seeking. To stop means annihilation; there is no way out for a closed fist. To keep this up an endless consumption of energy is required, but after the Big Bang there are no free lunches.

When hands are open its possible to receive, interact, and connect. It’s not that desire is gone, it’s just been placed where it belongs, in the lap of all living beings. Tremendously Great Energy animates this form, an inconceivable power that only desires to meet Itself. A hand seeks a hand and makes contact. To continue on like this doesn’t require much, just resting in normal activity is enough. When we open to the world, it rushes in to meet us. Hummingbirds hover, lizards lay in the sun, sparrows sing.

This Great Energy hums and vibrates with the power of a thousand suns, always at the edge of overtaking me. How can I live with it and not close off?

Place all of this impatient desire into the vow of saving all beings, then invite this energy to come pay attention to this mossy boulder in front of me. The entire universe is reflected in the intersection of my foot, the track it left in the soil, and this particular point in time. What is form at this moment telling me, what does this mean? What mystery is being revealed right now? There is a living being at the end of every single mark. I don’t want to miss it.

Take refuge in every single thing, chopping vegetables and walking, what does this feel like, what is it telling me about right now? Maybe one day my hands will stay open long after Great Energy fills them, and my beloved dreams will wash over me and the entire world like warm sunshine. In the meantime I take refuge in gentle gifts of living, and “what small act will make my heart sing?”