July 13 2023 - Seeing & Suffering

Seeing, seeing, seeing. Seeing sees seeing. In the beginning there was only seeing and there is still only seeing. The seer is seeing itself, so is the seen, they are impossible to separate, totally one. No harm can ever come to the seer because what is seen is seeing itself; there’s no isolated location for anything to happen to. Everything rises and falls in this infinite awareness without any effort at all, so complete relaxation is possible. Just let go and merge with seeing completely. The seer, seeing, and the seen are all one dynamic expression of Original Self, beyond the categories of original or fabricated, impossible to measure or comprehend, that’s why it’s Original.

I can’t say how to open this door of seeing because it’s already open, but there is a very obvious door mat sitting right in front of it. Your own suffering, your own resistance to just this very moment exactly as it is points directly at the door. What’s so bad about the current totality of your experience without any modification or improvement? What is this conflicted feeling of “not enough, not this, I want that”? Just sitting with this pure, unfabricated suffering is enough to penetrate it completely. Finding the fearlessness to face self and life as it is reveals your true nature.

Isn’t it obvious? What is suffering? There is no suffering without self, and no self without suffering. They are the same thing, and looking into their origin they vanish completely. Suffering is itself an expression of original mind as form, without suffering there is no form. It is total freedom to suffer completely without resistance; in reality there is no one it is happening to, just suffering suffering suffering. Suffering is itself suffering and nothing else. There’s no need to be trapped by it anymore, Great Mind includes suffering as the unfolding of form like a beautiful rainbow emerging from the clouds.

If you identify as suffering you will be miserable. If you try to end suffering you will be miserable. If you enter suffering completely and witness the truth of not suffering you will find freedom. Isn’t it clear that we cling to our suffering to prove that we really do exist as an independent and isolated self? You can ride this door mat all the way to freedom if you want to.