Sept 01 2023 - Living Vision II

If I want to live Vision, I must empty out into this moment. There is just no other way to fulfill the impossible demands of actualizing the Way and my deepest, most intimate dreams. There is no space for anything but perfection. I want to live Vision more than anything, so I practice emptying out into this moment. Letting go completely into this present experience and nothing else. When is salt not appropriate?

This moment is supported by nothing at all, a great brilliant unbounded and beginningless light which is Love itself, is Intelligence itself, because looking at my current awareness it is filled with intelligence and love. The very fact that I am breathing is evidence of Love. That thoughts emerge is evidence of intelligence. That my body functions is intelligence. Where does it come from? Nowhere at all. This is Reality. Living Reality means expressing Love and Intelligence; not for me, not for you, but because it’s Real. Only because it’s real, Bodhi Svaha! All beings benefit as a direct result.

After all, who is it that sees this world before me? Every single thing is a pure reflection of my original unbounded nature. Love reflected in pure seeing.

A past view: Dec 20 2022, Living Vision.