Feb 14, 2024 - Deep Night

The soul’s longing for Vision is itself Vision through a filter of lack. It’s inevitable that we should sometimes experience lack. When this state descends take “drive all doubts into one doubt” or “drive all desires into one desire”. If the longing remains, this is good. Let it develop a point, or an enormously flat striking surface. A point this fine shines from miles away, a surface so broad reflects the light from across the ocean. Even if in this place you are unsure of who you are this navigation point orients you precisely to It. It is formed by the longing, pointing directly at the Source, digs out a well of great energy. Know that the destination is absolutely assured, there is no doubt that it will be reached precisely because the well of doubt in this place is so great. Doubt and pure faith are two sides of the same coin, enlarge one, then just turn. How can the uncreated be increased or decreased? But increasing doubt is the talent of all human beings. Longing is a direct line back to Creator.

How many times have I swum in timelessness, drinking deep from the Eternal waters? Then hours, days, weeks later, how many times have I placed time back onto timelessness? The agony is impossible to describe unless you’ve been there, no amount of imagination or thought can conceive of something so wonderful. So when conception drags me back down to Earth the fall is awful. This is the dark night of the soul, but it’s not what I thought.

Isn’t it clear that when traveling from the center the first stop is the Soul’s longing? A dark night purified is the moon reflecting on still waters. Because it’s night and there is not even a breeze the moon is all the more clear. The deeper the night, the more clear the moon. From here what I want is inverted, a deep night from which to view the vastness of the crystal clear sky.