Dec 19 - Real Satori

There is not a thing to say about real satori, who would you say it to? If there is someone there to listen to it then that’s just off the shelf imitation satori after all. Where is the place that only you yourself can reach? If you really go where no one else can go you’ll leave no tracks. With no memory of where you’ve been, how could it possibly be spoken of?

The clear light of uncreated awareness quietly shines with a unique power entirely its own. Without any encouragement it radiates outward. With no surface to shine on it illuminates everything. Without a single point of entry it can’t be stained by any activity. With a boundless mind all activity comes to rest within it.

None of this is any different from the simple recognition that no one else is standing where my feet are but me.

Author: Matt Kocubinski

Created: 2022-12-19 Mon 09:43