Dec 20 - Living Vision

I want to live out my life from an authenticity only found all the way down in the marrow of my bones. Free from all dogma and expectation, with the guts to beat this bleeding heart as a drum formed from the skin and bones of my own experience, no matter the cost and who or what may fall away.

This most authentic expression is called Vision. Vision is what the world really needs from you, but it’s not people pleasing or sacrificing a single square inch of yourself. Vision is what you deeply want for yourself, but it’s not self serving in the slightest. Why is this so?

The cathedral of our immediate experience resonates with the vibration of the drums of Vision. In truth the cathedral, the echoes, and the drum are all one thing. This world is nothing but a perfect reflection of You, so just wake up and the sleepers all wake up with you. An authentic act demands an authentic response.

When there is only one possible way to live this is called total freedom and complete expression. This is called Vision.

Author: Matt Kocubinski

Created: 2022-12-20 Tue 21:18